Eine Website für Sammler und Interessierte der Kunst, Kultur und Militaria aus der Zeit von 1933 bis 1945. This web site is about the cultural items of the 1930’s and 1940’s, it shows items which were acceptable in terms of aesthetics and quality to the National Socialist (NS) regime of the time. It does not endorse the political philosophies of the Third Reich and does not support Nazism in any manner.

Many of the items are not intrinsically NS and may be traditional items that were popular before and after the NS period but enjoyed a ‘renaissance’ during the Third Reich when there was a significant movement towards traditional Germanischen motifs, designs and methods of crafting. Differences in the NS items may only be subtle, for example the traditional carved bread plates would begin to reflect the NS view of design by the motif and the words carved on the items. It was a strong movement endorsed by the state with organisations such as the DAF, Himmler’s SS through the Reichsnährstand with the ‘Blut und Boden’ policies, the Deutsches Heimatwerk and private retail outlets promoting the rural culture, crafts and folk art to the Volksgemeinschaft. Such State efforts from the likes of  Hitler, Darré, Himmler and Goebbels all served  to influence the lifestyles, religious and spiritual belief systems of the people in such a way to align Third Reich arts and culture with the state political philosophy.

There are a many books about Third Reich arts such as paintings and sculpture but information on Third Reich cultural art and cultural items in daily use and in the home is more scarce.  Any contribution from readers about the history in terms or original period catalogues, photographs and manufacturer information would be most welcome.

Eine Website für Sammler und Interessierte der Kunst, Kultur und Militaria aus der Zeit von 1933 bis 1945. Möbel, Volkskunst, Kunst, Allach Porzellan und Keramik, Allach Julleuchter, Deutsches Heimatwerk, Orden und Abzeichen, Holzteller und SS-Hochzeitsteller. Orden und 3.Reich Militaria bis 1945.

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