Norse Edda Script Spiral Design Bread Plate in Oak– ‘Heil Dem Gast Der Zu Uns Kommt’

A rare to find beautiful oak spiral motif hand carved wooden plate with a script ‘Heil Dem Gast Der Zu Uns Kommt’ from the Norse ‘Edda’, a welcoming message to visiting guests which translates to ‘Hail the Guest that Comes to Us’.

I like the look of oak and it seems from my experience that whenever one finds a special plate like this, with a central motif and such a script it is normally in oak.

This plate has a great look to it, clearly aged on the obverse, its never been on a wall as there never has been a hanging device attached,  it was meant for a table or chest, so the reverse has always been protected, staying clean and away from light.  It would look beautiful with a coat of wax but I’ll leave that to any new potential owner, sometimes its nice to receive an item in the as found condition.

Interestingly we know this script was used by the SS, plates of this type with this ‘Heil Dem Gast Der Zu Uns Kommt’ saying were made in SS craft workshops.

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