Third Reich Bread Plate – Meiner Mutter Dated 1943

Item 00135 Third Reich Bread Plate – Meiner Mutter Dated 1943 

A very well carved NS  Third Reich bread plate honouring the German Mother and dated 1943.

The Mother was of course really put into the limelight in the German culture of the Third Reich, with numerous well known paintings such as Karl Diebtisch’s  ‘Mother and Child’,  Allach Porcelain depicting the Mother in several of its pieces and the institution of the ‘Mothers Cross’ Award.

This plate had started to lose its shellac so it has new polish, the same natural polish that it would have had originally, then  a coat of wax.

This is a particularly nice plate with grape carving, rustic but well carved, quite apt for the plate as the grape vine is a traditional sign of fertility!  Nice large size, 28.5cm


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