1936 Model SS Officers Dagger

SS Officer Dagger

A mint condition initial production 1936 Model SS Officer Dagger. A  complete early M1936 with unmarked blade, only the Model 1933 daggers were marked.  Model 1936 daggers can be found with marked blade as when SS members were promoted to officer levels a 1936 scabbard with chain could be purchased for use with the existing model 1933 dagger.

1936 SS Dagger Chain Skull LinkSo onto the dagger above. The component materials and the quality of finish tell us this piece is no doubt an intial production piece. The blade is unmarked as is correct, all hilt fittings and the grip eagle are nickel silver. All scabbard fittings including the chain are also nickel silver. The chain is a type ‘II’ chain to use dagger collector terminology, the ‘typing’ of the chain bears no relationship to vintage. Type ‘II’ chains are the intial production pieces. The scabbard is painted, which is also correct for the early production.