The SS Familien Chronik – An SS Rarity.

A superb example of the leather bound SS Familien Chronik (The SS Family Chronicle)

It was a duty of the SS Man to record his family history. Fritz Weitzel refers to the importance of recording the family history in his book “Die Gestaltung der Feste im Jahres=und Lebenslauf in der SS=Familie” An excerpt below:

“Every SS Man has to be strictly reminded here of his duty, of which his sons and daughters will remind him in the future. He has to ask his still living parents and grandparents to write down all their childhood memories immediately and all other relevant memories which should be handed on to future generations. The names and dates on the ancestry plaque will be meaningless to future generations if they are not accompanied by as many stories as possible about the life, the difficulties, the celebrations, and the environment in which they lived. This knowledge of their blood line will protect our future generations against the advances of the newly rich and the social climbers. The grandparents, who often have a very good memory for childhood events, are obliged to record their knowledge and experiences for their great grandchildren. The SS Man should simply walk up to them, put a notebook in front of them, and say: Now write down how it used to be. Their reluctance normally fades fast and the old people will generally enjoy writing. When the grandparents have finished, it is the turn of the parents of the SS Man. He himself should also start to write down everything, but especially his experiences of the War, and the comradeship and the heroism of his fellow SS Men. These stories should be read to the family on Yuletide Eve. In this way the essential family spirit is being preserved and strengthened.”

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