Schützenabzeichen der SS-VT – A Prototype SS Shooting Badge

Marksman - Three Oak Leaves

A draft institution order of the Reichsführer-SS dated November 1937 described the ‘Schützenabzeichen der SS-VT’ to be awarded to other ranks for shooting proficiency with rifle, light and heavy MG. The badge was to be worn on the right pocket and awarded in 3 classes, 2nd Class (without oak leaves), 1st Class (with two oak leaves) and Sharpshooting Class (with 3 oak leaves)

The class of the Sharpshooting Grade was to be engraved on the top oak leaf wreath. The badge was manufactured by the workshop of Otto and Karolina Gahr in Munich. According to Mollo the badge was never introduced. Also Mollo, at his book print date, mentions two examples of this badge exist in private collections, both being in silver. No picture or drawing of the badge is shown by Mollo.


‘Uniforms of the SS – Volume 4 – SS Totenkopfverbände 1933-1945’ by Andrew Mollo (institution detail and manufacturer)

Die Werkstatt Otto und Karolina Gahr in München und ihre Arbeiten für die NSDAP und deren Gliederungen: ‘Otto und Karolina Gahr, die Silberschmiede der NSDAP und der SS’ by Heinrich W. Schild, Arthur Meyer

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