Porzellan Allach SS Julleuchter

Julleuchter, SS-Leitheft, SS-Wedding Plate, Fritz Weitzel Book

The  Julleuchter (Yule Lantern or Yule Candlestick) was arguably the most essential piece of cultural paraphernalia invented by the SS for its members and their families to practice what was to become Heinrich Himmler’s new religion for the SS. A contrived neo-pagan ‘religion’ with set of proceedings for SS celebrations that Fritz Weitzel  documented in the book “The Celebrations In The Life Of The SS Family”.

In 1933 a group of candle holders appeared in Hermann Wirth’s  ‘Die Ura Linda Chronik’, a translation into German of the Frisian ‘Oera Linda Book, a 19th century Frisian manuscript. Wirth was a lay scholar and the early leader of the SS Ahnenerbe. Wirth’s ‘Die Ura Linda Chronik’ has always been a subject of great debate, even in the Third Reich it was rejected by prominent National Socialists such as Alfred Rosenberg.

Image from the book ‘Die Ura Linda Chronik’ – Hermann Wirth

The image above from shows a group of pottery candle holders, the far right example being the piece in the Nordiska Museet in Stockholm.,  a design clearly copied for the SS Julleuchter, Wirth describes it in his Ura-Linda-Chronik in 1933 as “a farmer’s candlestick of clay in tower form from Halland (1) with the Heart of the Irtha and the Wralda’s Å Jul on each of the four walls”