Allach Nagy Porcelain – An Odal Rune Plate by Franz Nagy

Here is an interesting  large plate (32.70cm) by Franz Nagy, one of the runic border designs, in this case with Odal rune, an Allach Porcelain form.  A similar design exists with a Hagal rune border.

Allach Porcelain starts and ends with Franz Nagy in some repsects for it is Nagy who built the small house and workshops and started producing works as Ceramic Workshops Franz Nagy. Later of course this concern became Allach Porcelain in 1937 and continued to war’s end.

This particular piece was produced after the end of Allach by Franz Nagy from moulds that must have been retained by him which enabled to once again produce these high quality artisan pieces. Of course these were marked with his stylised ‘NAGY’ monogram  instead of the Allach Porcelain logo.

A very interesting piece for Allach and Nagy collectors.




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