An Original Ink Radierung by Prof. Carl Diebitsch SS-Oberführer d.R.

cd-AllachDiebitsch was a talented artist in several medium. This is a neat item, an original radierung which would look great framed and perhaps also displayed by one of Diebitsch’s Allach porcelain works. A super detailed piece. Signed in pencil, undated, size approx 145mm by 100mm.

Of note,  He created many Third Reich postage stamps and was also responsible for much SS regalia and probably most noteable in this respect for the design of the Allgemeine SS black uniform with Walter Heck. He also served as the a director of the SS enterprise ‘Porzellan Manufaktur Allach’, was a designer of SS dagger and sword parts and was commissioned to design the SS generals Wappenshild to decorate Himmler’s Wewelsburg Castle.

Photograph left. Diebitsch inspecting Allach porcelain.




Allach Porcelain Kerzenleuchter Model 89 – A work by Diebitsch


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