Allach Porcelain – ‘Sachsenurne mit Germanischen Motiven’

Here’s a fine example of  SS Allach Porcelain, the  Saxon Urn with Germanic Motifs model K511.

These dark basalt glazed pieces are some of my favourite pieces of Allach porcelain, this particular one from 1939 being based on an ancient Saxon urn. Like the Carl Diebtisch candle holder this is finished in the dark glaze to give it that dark bronze metallic look.

A very rare piece of Allach as combined production figures for 1938 and 1939 show only 36 pieces produced. Approximately ten times more of the rare model K7 Buckelurne were produced, figures for 1938 and 1939 combined show 306 pieces.


Here is a shot from the other side. The piece has the sigrune as shown above and the rune below placed in four positions, so two of each rune. The other side detail is shown below.



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