1944 Dated Third Reich Bauernteller with Central Triskele Motif

Item 00138 – Hand Painted Triskele Bauernteller 

Here is a beautiful and colourful and undamaged hand painted Third Reich bauernteller signed and dated 1944.

This pattern reminds me of the East Prussian fisherman hand knotted wall hangings, of the type sold by the Deutsches Heimatwerk.

The design features a tri-armed swastika, or ‘triskele’, a popular motif. The triskele was even used by the Allgemeine, Germanische  and Waffen SS for insignia designs.

Size: Diameter 23.5 cm x Height 4.5 c

Triskele Motif Third Reich Plate

NS Plate Detail

National Socialist period farmer plate



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