An Allach Porcelain Rarity – ‘Dragoner Offizier’ by Prof. Theodor Kärner

The exhibition  ‪ ‘Deutsche Künstler und Die SS ‬ – “German artists and the SS” (catalogue pictured below) shown in 1944 in Breslau and Salzburg lists exhibit number 589 as ‘Fünf Kacheln gerahmt mit Reitermotiven (Keramik, Porzellan-Manufactur, Allach-Münch.)’. ‘Five tiles decorated with cavalry designs’. This particular design is ‘Dragoner Offizier’, a Prussian period Cavalry Officer.

Archived documents show  on July 3, 1944 a personal order is confirmed from Reichsführer SS Himmler.

For an excellent article on these rare pieces of Allach work please see my fellow collectors website here


Exhibition Catalogue and tile in its original frame.



Deutsche Künstler und die SS Exhibition Listing.


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