The Hagall Rune – Original Third Reich Rune Postcard

The Hagall rune, An original period postcard from an artist linoleum cut.

Rune meanings can be discussed at infinitum so importantly, one must take into account the period of interest. This is a Third Reich  interpretation of the rune: “Hagall ist Leben und Todt, Mann und Weib, Lebensbaum, Lebengesetz.” In English this means ‘Hagall is life and death, man and woman, the tree of life and the laws of life.’


Above, a field bunker of the 11th SS Gebirgs-Jager-Regiment “Reinhard Heydrich” of the ‘6th SS Mountain Division Nord’. Note this postcard on the wall. 

Below, the divisional insignia of the ‘6th SS Mountain Division Nord’.

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