Julfest 2016

It’s that time of the year again, time to light the Yule Candle.

I hope you have had a good 2016. Best wishes for the Holiday Season and 2017!

Happy Julfest!

Yule Candle – Old Northern European Tradition

This was an ornamental candle of great size, once widely used at Yule throughout Britain, Ireland and Scandinavia. It was often coloured red, green or blue and decorated with sprigs of holly or some other evergreen. The candle was lit either on Christmas Eve, its light shedding on the festival supper and left to burn throughout the night or early Christmas morning, to burn throughout the day. It was rekindled on each successive night of the twelve day festival, and finally extinguished on the Twelfth Night.

Up until the middle of the last century, chandlers used to present regular customers, with Yule Candles of various sizes, as a gift.