Allach Porzellan – Nr. K7 Germanische Buckelurne

From the Allach Porcelain range of ceramics, in the Allach catalogue it is detailed as model K7,   ”Germanische Buckelurne’

The buckelurne is an NS period re-recreation of  Saxon pottery from around the 5th and 6th century. Many of this style of urne are found in excavations of Saxon graves sites. Here in England the British Museum holds examples of 5-6th century Anglo-Saxon buckelurne. Here you can see an example which shares a very similar form, also note similarity in some detail such as the rope design around the neck of the piece and the protruding bosses, in fact the bosses are very similar to those seen on Sachsen-Urne model K7.


As depicted in the 1938/1939 Allach Porcelain Catalogue.




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